Sitting down on your dogs face.

Sometimes, my dog takes my spot on the coach. I, being larger than her, can decide who sits where. So I walk up to her and start acting as if I’m going to sit on her face. I know there are nicer ways to make her move but this is the easiest. OK, maybe it’s not the easiest but it’s the most entertaining. As I approach my dogs face with my body, which I can tell you, is significantly larger than hers, I notice that she is not budging. She knows I would never sit down on her face. She knows I would never do anything to cause her harm at all. I get so close to my dog’s face with my butt that you cannot tell where her face and my butt meet. Not even a growl. Complete and total trust. I would never let anyone four times the size of me even a foot away from my face with their butt. Not just because I don’t like dudes butts in my face, but because I know if said butt was to fully sit on my face, I would be crushed! I don’t know this person’s intentions. Even if they were my best friend. I wouldn’t put it past my best friend to crush my face with their butt!! But an animal. So Loyal. So trusting. So full of love, just knows “This is my family. I am not going to be crushed by this butt so I am going stay on this spot on the coach because it is much more comfortable.” My point is that animals are better than people. They will love you know matter how you treat them. So don’t fully sit on their face with your butt. Don’t give them a reason not to trust you. Just give them a reason to wag their tail.